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To facilitate communication and integration of doctoral candidates with diverse backgrounds we arrange bi-monthly science cafes only for the doctoral candidates (monthly alternating with the seminar series). In an informal atmosphere, the students explain their projects in “chalk talks” on a conceptual level or introduce a specific research method. We had good experiences with this approach to nourish a common spirit within the RTG and to facilitate formation of a “common” language between scientists coming from different fields.

Recent Science Cafes:

Date Topic
09.11.2022 Philipp Melchinger (Pernas lab) & Esra Peker (Riemer lab)
21.09.2022 Aishwarya Bhosale (Niessen lab) & Hélène Martin (Schwarz lab)

Matteo Veronese (Rugarli lab) & Konstantin Weiss (Riemer lab)


Theresa Schneider (Schwarz lab) & Theresa Bock (Krüger lab)


Santiago Camblor-Perujo (Kononenko lab) & Sarah Gerlich (Riemer lab)

19.01.2022 Administrative Meeting – Plan 2022
22.09.2021 Administrative Meeting - Plan 2022
09.06.2021 Research Projects: Skyler Perot (Niessen lab) & Pascal Engelhardt (Schmalz lab)
05.05.2021 Research Projects: Giada DiPietro (Rugarli lab) & Lennard Döring (Dohmen lab)
07.04.2021 Research Projects: Merlin Klußmann (Neundorf lab) & Ebru Özer-Yildiz (Kononenko lab)
10.03.2021 Research Projects: Sarah Gerlich (Riemer lab) & Bruna Garcia Martins (Pernas lab)
10.02.2021 Research Projects: Emanuel Bruckisch (Langer lab) & Nele Burdina (Schwarz lab)
06.01.2021 Research Projects: Luisa Schmidt (Krüger lab) & Matteo Veronese (Rugarli lab) 
09.12.2020 Workshop: Supervision of Bachelor/Master students
04.11.2020 Research Projects: Esra Peker (Riemer lab) & Philipp Melchinger (Pernas lab) 
09.09.2020 Research Projects: Konstantin Weiß (Riemer lab) & Theresa Bock (Krüger lab)
05.08.2020 Research Projects: Hélène Martin (Schwarz lab) & Santiago Camblor-Perujo (Kononenko lab)
24.06.2020 Research Projects: Friederike Profe (Dohmen lab) & Aishwarya Bhosale (Niessen lab)
28.05.2020 Research Projects: Judith Bruns (Schmalz lab) & Theresa Schneider (Schwarz lab)