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Doctoral candidates will have the opportunity to participate in different courses and workshops in transferable skills, e.g. provided by the GSfBS and the AMC.

The RTG will organize scientific workshops that are specifically tailored for the demands of our doctoral candidates. These include project-related courses in imaging and image analysis, proteomics, bioinformatics and peptide chemistry/small molecule design. We aim to offer these courses as a combined 2-week block course in the middle of the first year of the PhD composed of 2-day courses (except for bioinformatics, which will last 4 days). Internal and external speakers will thereby provide a broad overview over techniques and approaches. With these courses, the doctoral candidates will not be trained hands-on (which is unrealistic given the short timeframe), but they will be equipped with a basic understanding of the diverse methods, their applications and pitfalls, and their availability on campus. Meeting external speakers will furthermore ensure that our doctoral candidates can extend their scientific networks.