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Training Opportunities

Doctoral candidates will be trained in the outstanding research environment of the University of Cologne in excellent research laboratories with top equipment. Their training will take place in technical and conceptual methodology specifically required for the successful completion of their own projects and for the next steps after acquiring the PhD:

  • Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC):

    • TAC meetings will be held each year. During the meeting, Docotral candidates will disucss their progress, receive input, and discuss additional directions for their projects.

  • Introductory Course:

    • The introductory course focuses on essential training in good scientific conduct as well as in time and data management that aims at increasing their working efficiency right from the beginning. The course will also include fundamental scientific lectures on the role and principles of protein (re)localization events to familiarize the Doctoral candidates with the wider scientific topic.

  • Scientific Workshops:

    • Doctoral candidates will participate early on in scientific workshops on microscopy, proteomics, bioinformatics, and small molecule synthesis/application that are specifically tailored to equip them with a broad knowledge of existing methods and the possibility to evaluate suitable approaches for their own project and thereby allow interdisciplinary tackling of projects.

  • Retreat:

    • An internal retreat will be organized in the second year to engage strong scientific exchange between all members of the RTG.

  • Self and Group Study:

    • A self and group study period will allow our Doctoral candidates to deepen their knowledge of the basics and fundamental concepts of biochemistry, cell biology and chemistry in preparation of the Phd defense.

  • Bench-to-business workshop:

    • Doctoral candidates will also receive career mentoring training to prepare them for post doc positions and jobs on the wider job market through dedicated skill courses and Bench-to-business modules.

  • International Summer Meeting:

    • The International Summer Meeting will be organized by the Doctoral candidates to celebrate the completion of their training program and to explore future job prospects.

  • This broad training is complemented by support for external workshops and stays with external international collaboration partners.

Thus, this training program combined with the exciting scientific topics of the RTG and embedded in an excellent research environment will offer our PhD candidates a unique PhD research and training experience that optimally prepares them for their future career in and outside academia.