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The cell is an interconnected entity, yet the mechanisms that synchronize organellar function are little understood. Here, we explore the concept that specific proteins relocalize between organelles and regulate cellular processes through coordination of organellar function. Specifically, we will address the role of proteins that relocalize between mitochondria and the lysosome or ER to regulate cholesterol metabolism through unbiased and multiplexed proteomic strategies.

Selected Publications

  • Pernas L, Bean C, Boothroyd JC, and Scorrano L. (2018) Mitochondria restrict growth of the intracellular parasite Toxoplasma by limiting its uptake of fatty acids. Cell Metabolism, 27(4):886-897.

  • Blank ML, Parke ML, Ramaswamy R, Powell CJ, English ED, Adomako-Ankomah Y, Pernas L, Workman, SD, Boothroyd JC, Boulanger MJ, and Boyle JP. (2018) A Toxoplasma gondii locus required for the direct manipulation of host mitochondria has maintained multiple ancestral functions. Molecular Microbiology, 108(5):519-535.

  • Pernas L and Scorrano L. (2016) Mito-morphosis: cristae remodeling, mitochondrial fusion and fission as mediators of cellular function. Annu. Rev. Physiol., 78, 505-31.