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In this project  we address how polarity cues control the organization of the mitotic cell cortex to regulate the spatial and temporal dynamics of the molecular spindle orientation machinery  essential to position spindles. We will use the mammalian polarity aPKCs as a paradigm for phosphorylation-dependent events that drive mitosis, spindle orientation and cell fate, as we showed previously that this kinase controls mammalian spindle orientation and cell fate in vivo under homeostatic and pathogenic conditions.

Selected Publications

  • Persa, OD, and C.M. Niessen (2019). Epithelial Polarity limits EMT Nat Cell Biol. 21 :299300

  • Vorhagen, S#., D#. Kleefisch, O.D. Persa, A. Graband, M. Schwickert, M. Saynisch, M. Leitges, C.M. Niessen* , and S*, Iden (2018), Shared and independent functions of aPKClambda and Par3 in skin tumorigenesis. Oncogene. 37(37): p. 5136-5146. #shared first authors, *shared corresponding last authors. 

  • Miroshnikova YA, H.Q. Le, D. Schneider, T. Thalheim, M. Rübsam, N. Bremicker, J. Polleux, N. Kamprad, M. Tarantola, I. Wang, M. Balland, C.M. Niessen, J. Galle, S.A. Wickström (2018), A biomechanical network of adhesion forces and cell mechanics couples proliferation and differentiation to drive epidermal stratification. Nature Cell Biology, 20:69-80.